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Steve Smith
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TangentProjects at The Market of Ideas

TangentProjects was delighted to take part in the Critical Practice event, Parade: Public Modes of Assembly and Forms of Address as part of their Market of Ideas segment on Sunday 23 May 2010.

For the event, we used our recent work with Liminopia as the trajectory to host a series of informal discussions with invited guests from the art, design and architecture industries, as well as the Market of Ideas audience. The brief we gave was simple:

‘Liminopia’ was a fantasy cityscape in miniature, constructed from found materials by TangentProjects over a period of 5 months. More than a physical piece of work, Liminopia became both a meditation on acts of collaboration between the three artists, Karen Ay, Helene Kazan and Steve Smith, and an investigation into the nature of construction, planning and social inclusion and exclusion as experienced through the structures of our cities. 

Using a plan of the Liminopia cityscape as a focal point, TangentProjects would like to engage in an informal discussion with a panel of invited guests and members of the visiting public during the Market of Ideas event. The aim of this informal discussion to explore various ideas generated from Liminopia’s creation rather than Liminopia itself. Topics explored were the notion of publicness and how it influences our perception of the built environment, the idea of collaboration and how we interpret, are influenced by and navigate our own urban landscape. 

The discussions that ensued were recorded as a part of the Liminopia project and all participants were invited to contribute to the discussion as little or as much as they saw fit, as well as annotate or draw on the plan itself should they wish to.